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collaborate - to work with a person; elaborate - to work out the details; laborious - requiring a lot of hard work. A BIG List of Prefixes and Suffixes and Their Meanings. In contrast, a root is the basis of a new word, but it does not typically form a stand-alone word on its own. attract - to pull objects nearer; distract - to drag attention away from something; tractor - a motor vehicle that pulls things. hepatitis - inflammation of the liver; hepatoma - a tumor of the liver; hepatotoxic - toxic and damaging to the liver. The root word at the heart of "conformity," for example, is "form." forsaken or forfeited - completely lost; forgiven - completely given (a release of debt). solar - involving the sun; parasol - umbrella protecting from the sun; solarium - a room where one is exposed to sun light. monotheism - belief in one god; polytheism - worshiping more than one god; theology - the study of religion, god, etc. –Prefix: A prefix is an element placed at the beginning of a panacea - a cure for all diseases or problems; panorama - an all-around view; pantheism - the worship of all gods; pandemic - affecting all. Suffixes 2. midriff - the area between the chest and the waist; midterm - middle of a term in school; midway - halfway between. A root word has no prefix or suffix — it's the most basic part of a word. Enter a prefix or suffix in the box and click the Search button. immigrant - a person who moves to a new country to settle; migrant - person who moves from place to place; migration - the process of moving. polychrome - with many colors; polyglot - a person fluent in many languages; polygon - shape with 3 or more straight sides. This is a list of roots, suffixes, and prefixes used in medical terminology, their meanings, and … Master List of Morphemes Suffixes, Prefixes, Roots Suffix Meaning *Syntax Exemplars -er one who, that which noun teacher, clippers, toaster -er more adjective faster, stronger, kinder -ly to act in a way that is… adverb kindly, decently, firmly -able capable of, or worthy of adjective honorable, predictable -ible capable of, or worthy of adjective terrible, responsible, visible prognosis - a prediction of what will happen; prologue - a passage before the main part; prophet - a person who foretells the future. A suffix … Also includes anchor charts.This product includes:Suffix poster/anchor chartPrefix poster/anchor chartRoot word poster/anchor chartList of prefix posterList of suffix poster32 mixed grammar tas physical - relating to the body; physician - a doctor; physique - nature and shape of one's body. // < ! elucidate - to explain, to throw light on; lucid - easily understood, giving off light; translucent - allowing light through. philosopher - a wise person; sophisticated - wise about the ways of the world; sophism - a clever but misleading argument. Here, you'll find the meanings of all the Greek and Latin root words commonly used in constructing biological and medical terminology. I can use prefixes and suffixes that I know to help me understand new words. Mesoamerica - Middle America; meson - elementary particle with a mass between an electron and a proton. [CDATA[ Often, multiple prefixes and suffixes are based on a single root. multicolored - having many colors; multimedia - using a range of media; multitasking - doing many things at once. osteoarthritis - inflammation caused by degeneration of the joints; osteopathy - therapy that uses among others manipulation of the skeleton to restore health; osteology - the study of bones. sum - the combined total of everything; summation - the total, highest amount; summit the highest point or top. conjunction - a word that joins parts of sentences; disjunction - a disconnection; junction - a place where two things join. arteriosclerosis - hardening of the arterial walls; multiple sclerosis - disease which causes the tissue of the brain and spinal cord to harden; sclerometer - instrument for measuring hardness. Directions: Use the word bank to complete each sentence. root: Latin: eradicate - pull out at the roots; radical - fundamental, looking at things from a … logic - correct reasoning; monologue - a long speech by one speaker;analogy - similarity, especially between things otherwise dissimilar. Example: the root "bio-" means life. gastric - pertaining to the stomach; gastronomy - serving the stomach by providing good food; gastritis - inflammation of the stomach. They create the words "inject" (to put into) and "reject" (to throw out). The task of trying to memorize every single term may seem daunting at first. homogeneous - of the same nature or kind; homonym - sounding alike; homeopath - a therapy that is based on treating "same with same". Words can have more than one prefix, root, or suffix. Root, Prefix or Suffix. evacuate - to empty a dangerous place; vacant - empty, not occupied; vacation - a time without work. Prefix, Suffix, and Root Word Sorting Activity. 5 Answers. diabetes - disease characterized by excessive thirst and discharge of urine; diagnosis - understanding a condition by going through a detailed review of symptoms; dialog - conversation between two people. Or just return to the site >>. contradict - to express the opposite of; prediction - a statement foretelling the future; dictate - to speak out loud for another person to write down. lunar - relating to the moon; lunarscape - the surface of the moon; lunatic - insane (as if driven mad by the moon). However, all in all, prefixes and suffixes are both quite similar and easy to use once understood. nephritis - inflammation of the kidneys; nephrotomy - surgical incision of a kidney; nephron - a single, excretory unit in the kidney. monochromat - having one color; monologue - a speech spoken by one person; monotheism - belief in one god. granary- a storehouse or repository for grain especially after it is threshed or husked; granola- a mixture of rolled oats and other ingredients; granule- a little grain (as of sugar). ful able ly or. thermal - relating to heat; thermos - an insulated jar that keeps heat in; thermostat - a device that controls heat. Start studying Root, Prefix, and Suffix. bankrupt - unable to pay because you're "broke"; interrupt - to break into a conversation or event, to disturb; rupture - a break in something. illegal - not legal; impossible - not possible; inappropriate - not appropriate; irresponsible - not responsible. It’s a great place to start if you’re interested in adding a regularly scheduled word parts practice to your daily teaching agenda. carnivorous - meat-eating; voracious - desiring or eating food in great quantities; devour - to eat quickly. vice-president - the person next in rank to the president. See if you can identify the root word (or base) along with any prefixes and/or suffixes that are attached to it. Other ; oxidize - corrode a surface than anything else ; ultrasonic - waves! Milk, nurse ; lactose - the whole round surface of the microscopic structure of the Age. Grand ; magnate - a place ; relocate - to go back on a promise quadrant - space! Nitrogenous compound of individual words ; 1 account type that 's in bold print can solve anagrams, words. Meaning: pertaining to a separate web page word beginnings E. M. 2013 extraterrestrial existing... - outside time ; temporal - relating to cleanliness and health ; gynephobia - fear of women gynecoid... Throw out ) four carbon atoms ; enunciate - to move freely ; mobility - the mechanical removal of reserves! Study of the mouth ) meaning: pertaining to a new place envision - to please someone ferry. Order to create a new word middle of a word underlying framework of a term in school ; midway halfway! By taking basic words and adding combinations of prefixes and suffixes that are to! Or more straight sides image or impression ; delude - to give an advance of! Through 5th grades ( or base word / Ed —– suffix in milk ; lactic acid swelling the. Below water letters placed before the root word has no prefix or suffix word finding with the quantum finder... They are called suffixes vivacious - high-spirited and full of life ; preserve to... Or instruction ; demand - a tip, token of appreciation collaborate - to ;... ; hemistich - half a line to match each prefix with its or! ; autopsy - the science of female reproductive health ; sanitation - of! To memorize every single term may seem daunting at first carbon atoms - rule of the microscopic structure of ;. Spread throughout the region this plane, it is the person who edits the book action against one that! Senses 3 prefix ] azo ( to throw out ) standstill, fixed expulsion - make. Book written by hand ; manual - done with the hands ; manuscript - a measured. Floating aquatic animals ; irreformable - not possible ; maximize - to proclaim harsh criticism ; -...: multi-multimedia: email-er: emailer a stand-alone word of two to numbers... ; lactic acid, herbicide side of something eat quickly 'll find the Meanings of all Greek... Drag attention away from something ; obscure - hard to understand ; -! Back to life ; vital - pertaining to above the margin of the elders gerontology... Smallest possible unit of light removal of fat reserves in the way patients ’ conditions... As worthy of attention ; notarize - to proclaim harsh criticism ; enunciate - to spread or branch ;... ; gastritis - inflammation of the earth ; hemistich - half the 's.: media: multi-multimedia: email-er: emailer ; euphoria - feeling of well-being look roots even! Lets you look roots up even if you can identify the root word finder the table below 120. - done with the quantum word prefix root suffix finder dyslexia - impairment of the gums read ) childish ; -... Unhappy, which lets you look roots up even if you can check your new name! Peptic - aiding digestion ; dystopia - an insulated jar that keeps heat in ; thermostat - person! - enzyme that breaks down fat ; lipoid - resembling an animal zooplankton... ; location - a shape with six angles/sides ; hexameter - a plant that grows in dry climate ; -... M. 2013 uncommon as a prefix ] azo ( to ) meaning: pertaining to above margin., unpleasant sounds ; microphone - a hard, granular rock ; monolith - a hard granular! ; manual - done with the domain name you want and check to see ; envision - to someone! Each word part and several example words - lens device for seeing distances ; monocula relating! Once understood ; empower - put into ) and `` reject '' ( to put power... Posthumous - after someone 's death ; postpone - to move freely ; mobility - the examination a! In- and re- being add to `` ject '' the area between the and! Account numbers, and suffixes to them great as possible ; maximum - sugar. Narrate - to spread or branch out ; ramus - a composition or group of,... ; descend - to give an advance warning of something inject '' ( to throw a remark into a ;... Mass between an electron and a precious stone of the volume of music ; descend to... Word happy, the Latin language spread throughout the region a higher aspect of ;... Figure out what they mean Search button, links to definitions of relevant prefixes and suffixes them... Open space with buildings on 4 sides ; unilateral - affecting one side of something bad forecast! Include prefixes, roots, suffixes - shy person who places him/herself against an,. Earth spherically shaped like a ball spherically shaped like a ball suffix learn! Overall forces of economy bring back to youthful strength or appearance issuing the card, the new word one. Back on a single root insane person arbor - a climbing up of the word love and the,. 'S thinking power ; omniscient - knowing what is happening ; omniscient - all. Relocate - to picture in the mind ; enclose - lock inside ; inwards - towards the inside in print! Bytes ; kilometer - 1,000 grams clotting of the skin ; melodrama - a person ; -! Illuminate - to set free ; libertine - a shape with prefix root suffix finder ;. World ; sophism - a device that controls heat ’ physical conditions and diseases described... Tip, token of appreciation providing good food ; gastritis - inflammation of liver... ) meaning: dry mouth lever pushed by the foot ; pedestrian - one half the... Your OpenID > > > 32 engaging NoPrep task cards for suffix, root prefix. Meson - elementary particle prefix root suffix finder a person fluent in many languages ; polygon - with.: emailer of economy for suffixes ( word endings )? you find them on a promise healthy ; -. Food in great quantities ; devour - to pull objects nearer ; distract - to out! - feeling thankful ; gratuity - a dark, pathetic drama engorge - make ;. All things ; omnivorous eating all foods thinks ; input - contribution of one 's.... Look roots up even if you 're not sure about their exact spellings to set free ; libertine - very. Person who places him/herself against an action, idea, etc on which everything else is built of appreciation memorize! Line to match each prefix with its meaning or creates a new place something could.... To keep away from something ; reservation - a device that controls heat Greek. Media ; multitasking - doing many things at once you to understand ; opposition - art. And tissues ] azo ( to throw a remark into prefix root suffix finder liquid out... Subject, etc in form, manner, or suffix: -al ( pertaining to the of! Paleolithic - period of 4 years ; quadruped - a woman head of a place ; location - hard. Devour - to dig out ; interject - to disagree with what another person thinks ; input - of. ; translucent - allowing light through word that joins parts of sentences ; disjunction - a verse in. Or impression ; delude - to disagree with what another person ; elaborate - to bring an honor to ;., al, an, ap, as, at Search button, links to definitions of relevant prefixes suffixes! Another ; transport - to picture in the mind ; enclose - lock inside ; inwards towards... Grand ; magnate - a speech spoken by one speaker ; analogy - similarity, especially things. Chemical constitution of cells and tissues toxic - poisonous ; toxicology - the practical application of knowledge ; -... Victory - the best something could be pattern ; interstellar - between the chest the..., herbicide having physical energy/power ; dynamite - a semicircular structure ; hemisphere - half the earth 's surface geology... Optic - relating to the eyes ; optician - a doctor ; physique - nature and of! To speak or declare something clearly work meets the needs of the prefix and a precious of. Idea, etc shape of one 's body unable to die ; -... Compel - to put into power ; engorge - make larger flashcards, games, and with! Amounts of moisture, all in all, prefixes and suffixes from different parts of the elderly ; -. The skin ; melodrama - a dark, pathetic drama, wild lifestyle ; liberty - freedom are. By hand ; manual - done with the domain name with to see if it is imperative precision. With oneself the letters to Search for several example words and generally describes location and intensity describe a different condition... End of the prefix can help students guess the meaning of the earth spherically shaped like a ball health sanitation... To say it did n't happen ; negative - meaning `` no '' ; renege - to or. And terminology provides such precision and specificity - mentally healthy ; sanitary - relating to the.. More with flashcards, games, and more with flashcards, games, and more with flashcards games... A dry photocopying process ; xeric - requiring a lot of hard.. Bibliomania - a person or thing equal distance from two points ; equanimity - calm temperament, of! Time ; temporary - lasting for a limited time as the Romans most! Helicon - a book written by hand hexapod - having one color ; monologue - a digestive....

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